2019: Year in Review

Everyone’s favorite post! My year in review. This year we had some wonderful, and not so much, YA come into the world, and these are a few of the best (in my opinion ;)).

Surprise Favorite

Review coming soon! Lady Rogue was a book I picked up randomly, and quickly became on of my favorite YA historic fiction novels. The story was fascinating, witty, and original. Plus a bit of magic thrown in. I have never truly connected with Bennet’s work, and was suprised by how much I adored this!

Favorite Character

“My favorite character was Darlington who wasn’t even in the book, yet somehow he seemed to…carry away my heart… IDK y’all.”

This book wasn’t the heartstopper I was expecting, but I was here for Darlington, and can’t wait to see more of him and Bardugo in the next installment!


Favorite Debut

Review coming soon! This fascinating YA fantasy used Korean folklore to create one of the most intruging urban fantasy novels I have ever read. I cannot wait for the rest of this series!

Favorite Old Read

“Oh boy, was this for me. Okay, yes, I may be the most predictable person ever. “Maddie liking a pirate AND mermaid book? Who would’ve thought.” I get it. But, seriously. “


Favorite Author

“She changed her storytelling and her writing quite a bit to fit with the epic fantasy story she was beautifully telling, and although it didn’t hit me the way An Enchantment of Ravens did, I still quite absolutly adored it, and I loved the world and the characters she created.”


Favorite Book

“I left this book feeling emotional, fulfilled, and just downright sad. This world is a fantastic one, and Black’s talent and storytelling is one that doesn’t come around often. To say that Cardan and his tale have wormed their way into my heart would be a gross understatement.

In fact, it is my beloved drunk mess of a prince who said it best:

‘By you, I am forever undone.'”


Somehow, somehow, I have still NOT read King of Scars. I know. But let’s just assume that my darling Nikolai is the winner of all awards, as it should be. What a great year in YA, y’all! Can’t wait to see what 2020 brings us.

Have a safe and wonderful new year! Be kind to one another!


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