Read the Season: Get Yourself Some Spooky Reads

In honor of Halloween, I wanted to showcase a few recent reviews of some “spookier” type reads, as well as a one sentence summary of my reviews/why I think they make the perfect Halloween or Autumn read. Enjoy! 

This book was an experience. It’s weird that something could be so gorey but also SO ADORABLE. So, I think we all know that I adore a good historical fiction novel, especially those that include adorable boys with suspenders, and super tough chicks who kick butt in their petticoats. And, Stalking Jack the Ripper was right up this alley.
Dsiclaimer: this is more an Autumn book than Halloween. But, it is perfect for the season because Rook is super hot. I mean, because Rook is the Autumn Prince, ahahaha.  The descriptions were vivid and gorgeous, providing some really fluid world building. Within the first chapter, I had a solid idea of the social structure of their world, but was still left with enough questions that I still wanted to keep reading to learn about their people and rules.

Nevermoor was filled with a vibrant, magical new world. With a mashing of magic and steampunk-esque qualities, the storytelling was colorful and vibrant. The world had magic and mythical creatures galore, ranging from all kinds of origins and genres.

The story was set in a very eery victorian London… It had a subtle darkness creeping through the pages, in a really entrancing way. While the book’s theme wasn’t innately dark or creepy (as in, it was not a thriller, or a horror novel, in my opinion), it had me on the edge of my seat the entire time I read it. I really couldn’t put it down, it was captivating. 

Autumn is, undeniably my favorite time of year, and these are just a few of the books that I feel fit the aesthetic and atmosphere that encapsulate the season for me. Let me know a few of your favorite fall reads! 

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