Once Upon a Book Club Unboxing

This is a review of Once Upon a Book Club‘s June box, which featured Dark Breaks the Dawn.

To start, the box itself was packaged very well, and the overall presentation was lovely. Along with every book, the service includes 3-5 gifts that are straight from the novel’s pages!

Here we have a little print that they designed, based off of a quote from the novel. I love how it allows you to keep a piece of the writing on display.

The first gift was the least impressive, and more of a “in the moment” type item, versus a gift that I will use irl. As in, it was nice while I was reading the book (as this tray was described carrying this very note) but I don’t think I will have much use for it in my home. However, it was cute nonetheless, and I’m determined to find a place for it in my home!

The next gift was rather small, again, but a cute idea. This is one of my favorites. The main character was described drinking the tea that was included, making it very submersible with the text. Along with this, there is a single serve cup cake mold in the shape of a tea cup, and a recipe for using it in the back of the book!

Now we have my favorite gift – some lace slippers that match the description of the character’s. These fit well, and are of a good quality. This is my favorite gift because it was very book accurate, and is something that I can see myself using very frequently!

Now, the last gift. A recreation of the character’s engagement ring. I think this piece was of the highest quality, and very book accurate. The only reason that I didn’t list it as my favorite, because I doubt I will wear it often.

Overall, this box was a great experience. I think, for this particularly box, the price was good. However, I have seen images of other boxes in which I believe the products were worth much more than the asking price of $35 +sh. So, if you’re willing to try it, and are up for a surprise, I highly recommend it! I am ordering the July box as well (and will review it) and will try to order others when budget permits. That will probably be few and far between (#brokecollegesrudent) but I hope to again soon!
This service had me very excited to read again. For quite some time, reading has seemed like a chore, due to the requirements for school and work. However, OUABC managed to make reading a pleasure again.


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