Life Update

Hey guys! Here’s a mini life update….

This past May I graduated high school… Yay! JK – it’s kind of scary. However, nothing crazy is happening just yet. I will continue studying, and working as a tutor, at my community college until this December – when I will graduate with my associates degree. After that… Who knows.

Along with this, I had my last performance with my local ballet company. It was Alice in Wonderland, and consequently, I will forever hold a special place for Alice in my heart.

However, towards the end of the last show, I felt a pop in my leg. I finished out the show (thanks adrenaline) but the next day couldn’t walk on it. Turns out – I ruptured a tendon! So, I have been in a boot, hardly able to walk for the past three weeks. Hopefully I’ll get it off soon, but regardless, it’ll be awhile until I’ll be able to dance again.

All in all, it’s been a crazy few months. I will do my best to keep you all updated, but I hope you enjoy the reviews in the meantime. 🙂



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