Love and Other Alien Experiences




In this heartwarming debut by HelloGiggles blogger Kerry Winfrey, a young agoraphobe begins a journey of first love that leads her to the true meaning of home—just by taking one small step outside of her house.

My name is Mallory Sullivan.

My therapist says I have an anxiety disorder.

My brother says I’m an “optimistic recluse.”

Everybody else says I’m a freak.

And they kind of have a point, because I haven’t left the house in 67 days and only attend class via the webcam on my laptop. The person I talk to the most other than my mom and brother is the completely obnoxious BeamMeUp, and all we do is argue on New Mexico’s premiere alien message board.

But after yesterday, I have something: a chance. If I can win the homecoming crown by convincing resident hot popular guy and Friday Night Lights spawn Brad Kirkpatrick to go as my date, then maybe #stayathome will never appear next to the name @Mallory_Sullivan ever again.

First, I have to leave my room.

This may be my favorite PLL book thus far! Granted, I say that every time I get to review one of their books, but this one was really special to me. As someone who has mild social anxiety (and anxiety attacks at times), this book covered this issue well. It really depicted the troubles and misrepresentations accuratley. Anxiety is typically disregarded, or exaggerated by the peers and family members of people suffering from it, and this book depicted that well. People don’t understand anxiety, and don’t care enough to take the time to learn about it, which can result with that person being outcast, our what happened in this novel. Books like this are so important. They can help others learn about anxiety, how to helps others with it, or even just to make people suffering from it feel less alone.

This book was also very well written. I related with Mallory on many levels, and sympathized with all of the characters (which is nice – many times supporting characters get overlooked). There was humor throughout which made this book very light and airy, despite the fact it was covering some serious issues. It kept me engaged, and interested. There were geeky references throughout, and JustJenni’s beauty advice was a great addition.


Overall, one of my favorite releases of the year!


4.5 out of 5 stars!



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