Love Letter to IRL Talk

If you know me ‘IRL’ (crap, the puns are already starting and this only the first sentence…), then you have probably heard me talking about ‘this one podcast I really like about tech stuff.’ And you’ve probably heard the story about how it was once called Geek Friday, that show ended, and it became IRL Talk. Anyways, if you know me ‘IRL’ you’ve heard the whole spew.

I started listening to Geek Friday back in 2012. Back when I was having a really difficult time embracing my awkward, geeky personality. I started to listen to this podcast. This podcast whose hosts were undeniably awesome, and were the exact kind of people I wish I knew ‘IRL’ (I’m trying to stop using that as a pun but I just can’t control myself. Sorrynotsorry.).

Anyways, over the years, getting the new episode every Friday became a huge highlight for me! Definitely the best day of my week. Listening to Jason and Faith’s shenanigans never failed to make me laugh. I learned about technology, and culture, all the while slowly learning to embrace my geekiness. In fact, these two inspired me to start pursuing my interests in programming and writing. Faith is just the sweetest sass master I’ve ever heard, and Jason has taught me ways to be awkward that I use everyday. They’ve really influenced me a lot more than either of them, or I, will probably ever realize.

Because of them, I know that I want a firetruck as an everyday vehicle. Because of them, I want a robot butler (who I will not abuse because that’s just mean). Because of them I realize that both a submarine or helicopter would both be pretty freaking cool things to have.

Sadly, every good thing comes to an end. And now that IRL Talk’s finale is impending, I just wanted to say thanks. Faith and Jason, thank you for putting all the work into these podcast for all these years. Thanks for making all of our weekends so great. You rock.

That’s all I’ve got.


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