A Year in Review

So, yahyahyah, I know, it’s already a week and a half into the new year. But I’m still doing a New Years post so, deal with it. I love you guys.

Firstly, almost every month last year I had close to 1000 unique visitors. ONE THOUSAND. Umm. Thankyouthankyou, you’re all beautiful and I love you. If you’d just start commenting now… No, seriously, please comment. It makes me so happy to hear your opinions, even if negative.

So, 2013 was a very big year for me. Firstly, I moved (it’s harder for you to stalk me now). But lots of other stuff happened.

I helped bring the wonderful Susan Dennard ( <3 ) to my very small home town. It was a very big deal. I was on the radio twice, and published in two newspapers and a magazine. It was a very humbling experience. I started going to more book events, and met authors who knew my blog. As in, authors who had heard of my blog organically. Um. Wow. But then I had some failures as well. NaNo was a bust as far as word count, and I didn't read my book goal either. Yet, I'm determined to use that as an experience to grow from. I didn't balance my time how I should've, and I'll learn from that. What are some of the pivotal events for you in 2013? Any book related resolutions? Favorite food? I will take ANY comments. *hinthint* (Yes, this is your prompt to comment.) Maddie

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