So, as I told you last month, I participated in National Novel Writing Month once again. And, once again, I didn’t win. So, I’m going to take a break from my usual reviews, and do a little post about why not winning, is okay.

So, I came into NaNo this year absolutely determined to win. I was religiously meeting my word count, and going beyond it even, for the first week. And I was feeling great. But eventually, I just, ram out of steam at 11k words. I just had no idea what to write any more, and no number of writing prompts could get me started again. I was at an ahold it’s stand still. Yet, I kept persevering, writing a couple hundred words each day, knowing that if I kept it up, I’d be caught up by the end of the month. I WAS going to do it. And then life caught up to me. Family came to visit, I have dance performances, homework, and just life in general. And I completely forgot about NaNo.

Not like, I pushed it out of my mind out of procrastination. No, I completely and genuinely forgot it was going on. Just like that. And it wasn’t until the last day of November I remembered. And. I. Freaked. I spent the whole day writing. I felt if I couldn’t meet my word count, it was all a complete failure, and a waste of time. All these other people whom I know could do it, yet I couldn’t. I’d no longer be allowed to show my face in public. And despite all that stress and late night writing, I only reached a grand total of 13k. And that is absolutely amazing.

If it weren’t for NaNo, I NEVER would have started this story. I’ve absolutely fallen in love with it, despite being at a stand still. The fact I was able to write 13k words in a month is something I am exceptionally grateful for. If I hadn’t tried, all those words would of been cooped up in my head still, and I never would have put them down on paper.

And what a shame that would’ve been. Even if the story is absolutely crap, it’s worth something. Even if it’s only the laughing I’ll get from reading it in years to come.

So, even if you only wrote a grand total of 200 words, or even just one sentence in the month of November, know that I am exceptionally proud of you, and you should be too.

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