Hey People!

Today marks the three year anniversary of Maddie.TV! Over the past few years, Maddie.TV has evolved from a personal blog, to a wanna be book to movie news site, to a book review blog! I have tried many formats and themes on this site, and I’ve finally the right thing to do with it!

I can’t thank you guys so much for you support, I am excited for all the wonderful new books this year!



*I was thinking about doing a giveaway in honor of my blogiversary with one big swag pack (I have a ton of book swag (i.e. bookmarks,stickers, etc.)) would you guys be interested in that?

2 thoughts on “Blogiversary

  1. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary of Maddie.TV. You have found the niche for your enormous love of reading and encouraging others to read.

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