The Army of Ten


I am here to  inform all of my wonderful followers of an icredibly awesome oportunity I discovered today. Gretchen McNeil,  author of the soon to be released YA novel, Ten is doing some really cool stuff to publicize her book.  It’s all on the site  Army of Ten (which can be found HERE)

On the Army of Ten you will do tasks to help publicize Ten, and in exchange you will get free book swag. Who doesn’t want free stuff? After each task, you move up a rank, and  if you make it up to the highest rank (General) you will have you name in the acknowledgments of her next book!  But, only the first 40 people to reach the rank of General will get this honor, so get to it! She is also doing so incredibly epic giveaways!

Hope you all take advantage of this amazing opportunity to help an author out!


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