Have some rather intersting movie news about Wings by Aprilynne Pike.  I was looking on a few Wings fansites, and apparently  Disney has started production on a film version of Wings. And, guess who is cast as Laurel?  This shocked me, Miley Cyrus.  No offense to Miley, but she is the last person I would have selected for Laurel.  Opinions?

I couldn’t find any more info concerning, release date or any other casting, but I did find an article on Aprilynne’s official site.  You can find that HERE. This article is from 2009, so that must have been when this was officially announced.

If anyone has anymore information, please let me know!



2 thoughts on “Wings

  1. Have you heard of you can look up every movie out there. I just looked up the movie and there is no cast. Miley Cyrus is just wanted by some fans out there. Hope you find that helpful 😀 p.s Wings will come out sometime in 2014 😐 such a long time to wait 🙁

  2. Sarah- I hadn’t thought of using IMBD. Thanks for taking the time to look that up! I really appreciate it! The info about Miley Cyrus is interesting. She is not my first thought for the role… Your thoughts? 2014, that is so far away! I don’t know if I will be able to wait that long now that the books are all out… Have you read Destined? The end… There are no words to describe my emotions concerning it.:)


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