Valerie Tripp

Yesterday I went to Minneapolis Minnesota,  where I went to the American Girl store and met AG author Valerie Tripp.

Ms.Tripp wrote the Molly, Felicity,Kit,Josephina books (Plus, 3 of Samanthas).  My mom and I asked several questions.  Here they are below including the answers:

Q: How long have you been working with Americangirl?

A:Pleastant Rowland [the founder of AG] called me right out of college.  I have been with American Girl since the begining.

Q: What was the first book you qrote?

A:  The first book I wrote was an autobiography a wrote when I was 7. I was very proud of it even though not very much had happened to me yet.  Come to think of it, I still have that book.  The first book I wrote for American Girl Was Meet Molly. The first book I ever had published was a book on Williaburg, which is kind of funny* since later on I wrote the felicity books.

There was much more to the conversation wit Ms.Tripp but her main point to the group was:

“If you want to be writer you need to use words that appeal to the senses.  I promise you that if you sit up straighter,  listen closer and take in your surroundings you will have the best imagination.  And with a good imagination you are able to write stories that seem real to the readers”

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*Felicty Merriman was a colonial girl growing up in Williamsburg Virginia

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