Voyage of the Dawn Treader

If you are a Narnia fan then this post is for you, but if not you will find this post quite boring!!! In December this year Fox, is releasing The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and recently alot of magazines have been posting on there websites about it,and I thought some people who read this website might want to learn more about the movie.Ā  So click here and read on of the articles!!! Hope you enjoy, Maddie


SnowBy Maddie

Snow, fluffy white, Cool, snow. Most people adore snow, but there is the rare person (such as myself) who does not appreciate it very much.. Hate snow!? How is that possible, you ask well; here there is about 2ft of snow. Its Christmas and we are stuck inside. No cousins or aunt and uncles just stuck inside. But I will StillĀ  try to enjoy the wet, icky, cold, snow.

The End