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Nook review

Two weeks ago(give or take a few days.) I went to Barnes and Noble and bought there eReader the Nook.  The Nook I bought only has wi-fi. It does NOT  have 3G.  If you are interested in an eReader you really should buy a Nook…(And now because they are on sale for $149…)

First, let me explain what an eReader is. A eReader basically is a really thin library.   The Nook can hold over 1500 books(it can take a memory card which allows you to hold many more books.)  There many more brands such as the Amazon Kindle and the Sony Reader.

I really am suprised at how well the Nook works with Wi-Fi.  I takes about 30 seconds for a page to load and you can’t watch videos or play games that use flash but you can use websites such as Facebook, and E-mail.

I took my Nook outside to test it out in the sun and there was no glare on the reading screen.(There is a small touch screen and a large reading screen.)  Of course the touch screen had a glare but that did not matter because when you are reading a book all you have to do is hit the buttons on the sides to turn the page.

On the Nook touch scree there is a store where you can buy eBooks, an MP3 player, Chess and Suduko, and a Daily Mail icon…   You can also personalize your nook with you own pictures as screen saver or wallpapers…

If you are thinking “I wouldn’t buy these I don’t want to buy every book”  The Nook also has a solution for that .  Certain books in the store are provided free for Google.  Others you can download to your nook from places like  Project Gutenburg.

So over all I would strongly recommend the Nook if you want and eReader…

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Titanic Exhibit

I know this is a little late to post a review but still I do want to post this.

In Minneapolis last year there was an Titanic exhibit with all the artifacts from the Titanic that where able to be seen.   They had a full cast of actors playing the crew from the Titanic to make it as real as possible.  They gave you a passport of a real person of the titanic.(In the end you could see if the person died or not)I think it was the most fascinating thing I have ever seen.  If it wasn’t for the fact that the exhibit was closed I would tell you to go to it as soon as possible.  I have no pictures since they told us not to bring in cameras but later I will post a picture of my passport.

Here is the link to the website.

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Percy Jackson Review

My best friend and I went to the new movie, Percy Jackson…

I have to say it was a lot better then I thought it would be.  It was violent and the characters used Medusa’s head as a weapon which was a little disgusting.  Also, there was mild language but other then that it was pretty good.   If you are expecting it to be like the book at all then you are pretty mistaken. They kept the main plot points but changed the culprit completely and got rid of some major characters.

As long as you are old enough that you don’t scream and run out of the room during Star Wars this movie is OK…

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