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There was a recent interview with Douglas Gresham ( Step son of C.S.Lewis and co-producer of the Narnia films) where he announced that Walden Pictures contract with the Narnia company is expired. Gresham says he expects a new film in 3-4 years time…  HERE is the Nariawebs article on it( It includes clips from the interveiw)


I guess that means I won’t be posting anything about Narnia for a while…:(


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I just want to give you a quick update on all the fandoms.

Nothing has happened in The Hunger Games fandom since filming ended.(I never did post the teaser trailer did I… Whoops.) Pottermore (To be frank) is super boring..  I have only been on twice since I got my acceptance email. I haven’t given up hope though since it is only the Beta. Thats what the beta is for, to fix all the little problems.  STILL nothing has been said about the Narnia movies.


You will hear from me again soon. I promise.:)



Sorry… Again

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Again I express how sorry I am for not posting.  I don’t have a computer to use to post on so this will probably happen alot…


I’m gonna give you an update:

I got my Pottermore e-mail (I’m a Ravenclaw!!!!  Send me an email if you want to be my friend and I’ll give you my username.) Pottermore is amazing and I am SO happy I got early access. Hunger Games filming is officially over.  I finished the Underland Chronicles (By Suzanne Collins) Which I HIGHLY recommend.   And I finally read Torn (Which I shall be posting about shortly.) Still no word on Narnia filming…  I have given up hope :(.


Please don’t stop reading!   I am gonna try REALLY hard to keep posting!



P.S.  Happy (Late) Birthday Hermionee  Granger! (Sept 19)

Bad News and Worse News

1st of all the late Narnia producer Perry Moore has secured funding for The Magicians Nephew. I only put this as bad news because I REALLY don’t want them to screw up the Magicians Nephew (My FAVORITE Narnia book) as much as much as the messed up the Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Notice I had Perry Moore as the LATE Narnia producer because he was found dead from an over dose of medications. It was the day before he died that he secured the funding.

Obviously Mr. Moore’s death is the Worse News. Just wanted to make sure that was clear.

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I went and saw the new Narnia movie on opening night and I decided to write about it…  First of all, if you are expecting it to be a faithful adaption then don’t get you hopes up.  There were small details from the book but it was mostly made up.(  If any of you guys have been following this movie then you will remember hear Michel Apted who is the director saying “This movie is made to be the book that C.S.Lewis never wrote”  by saying that he basically saying “We made this whole movie up”)  I am not going to post very much on here(I personally enjoy going spoiler free) but I want to give some pointer to family viewers.  There is a scene with a sea serpent that I would say is to scary for young children. Also, the beginning of the movie is kind of choppy so if you haven’t seen the first movies it is kind of confusing. I would recommend waiting until you have seen them to view this film.  Now we get to the part I was maddest about, the white witch has returned.  I asked my dad what his opinion about the movie was and he said that he wished the witch would just die.  He also says that he hopes they don’t make another movie because he is tired of the witch coming back.  Also, the first few trailers are very misleading, especially since Susan and Peter aren’t in the movie at all.

Sadly, over all I would rate the move 3 out of 10.

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