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Adventures in Odyssey

In the Adventure in Odyssey episode(from 1989) here at 5min and 18sec Mr.Whitaker mentions(very briefly) The Last Battle by C.S.Lewis.  Then at 12min 28sec Connie mentions Voyage of the Dawn Treader The Magicians Nephew and then The Last Battle all by C.S.Lewis. The episode is called a Bite of Applesauce.I just thought some people might enjoy knowing that.



Rues Lullaby

I recently read the Hunger Game Trilogy.  I really enjoyed it.  It would say 12 and up is a good age for the books.  They are very violent and there is (very mild and brief through out the books)romance.   If you would like me to post any more about it*, comment and I will.

The reason I am posting here is to show you this video :

It is a song that is in all three books.   even if you have not read the books its a really pretty song…



*for more Hunger Games info go HERE

Radio Drama

Even though this event started last Saturday I am going to tell you about it.  Focus on the family radio Drama decided to  air all of their old radio dramas.  If you would like to go to the podcast about it go here.  If you want to go to the narniaweb discussion page go here. They are focusing on Dawn Treader since the movie is coming out in December.  I would reccomend listening to the audio drama or reading the book before seeing the movie, as the focus on the fsmily crew says.(as the movie apears to be NOTHING like the book…  Just don’t get me started on the subject.)

Well hope you enjoy!!!!


This Day in History

Today back in 1957 the first artificial satellite ever was launched into space.  The satellite was the size of a volleyball.  It was a diameter of 22 inches and weighed 184 pounds. Its named was Sputnik, which is the Russian word for satellite.

Sputnik was launched at 10:29pm in Moscow time from a Russian launch base in the Kazakh Republic.  It circled the earth every hour a thirty six minutes. It traveled at 18,000 mph and the farthest it got away from earth was 584 miles.  The closest it got was 143 miles.

If you had binoculars Sputnik was visible from sunrise to sunset.  If you had a radio you could pick up the radio signals coming fro the satellite.  Many people here in the US had the radios constantly on just so they could listen to the satellite at work.  Sputnik crossed the US a couple times a day.

In January 1958 the Satellite deteriorated in space.