Adventures in Odyssey

In the Adventure in Odyssey episode(from 1989) here at 5min and 18sec Mr.Whitaker mentions(very briefly) The Last Battle by C.S.Lewis.  Then at 12min 28sec Connie mentions Voyage of the Dawn Treader The Magicians Nephew and then The Last Battle all by C.S.Lewis. The episode is called a Bite of Applesauce.I just thought some people might

Valerie Tripp

Yesterday I went to Minneapolis Minnesota,  where I went to the American Girl store and met AG author Valerie Tripp. Ms.Tripp wrote the Molly, Felicity,Kit,Josephina books (Plus, 3 of Samanthas).  My mom and I asked several questions.  Here they are below including the answers: Q: How long have you been working with Americangirl? A:Pleastant Rowland