It’s July 31st… Let’s Talk About Not Harry Potter.

So, y’all probably vividly remember my Harry Potter phase. Though I like to pretend I’m too cool for that now, I would be lying… hehe. In all seriousness, I still have some nostalgia for the HP world, the way it has been monetized, and JKR’s rather…interesting social media presence, have more than certainly taken the magic out of it. So! I thought today would be a great day to talk about some of my favorite books that are just as good or have similar vibes but are most certainly not Harry Potter. .

To begin, Fire and Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones. While I have not reviewed this specific book on here, I think you all should be decently familiar with my love for her. This novel was one of her few specifically targeted to teens, but it was “pre-Harry Potter” so it did not get taken as seriously. However, I can guarantee, if this book was published with the current YA market, it would be a record-breaker. Seriously. The complexity, but the simplicity, of this novel’s storytelling, and the emotional integrity… Ugh, do not get me started.

Now onto one I have reviewed. Nevermoor, in my opinion, is undoubtly the new Harry Potter. Seriously. I, as an adult reader, am more captivated with the world and magic in this novel that I ever was with Harry Potter (yikes, that felt sacrilegious to say). The mix of childhood wonder and some nice gothic lit vibes make this book luxurious from beginning to end.

I feel like growing up there were the Harry Potter kids and then the Spiderwick Chronicles kids, and I was one of both. So, all of Holly Black’s novels have the same stinge on nostalgia that JKR’s do. Meaning, I think if you still enjoy Harry Potter, some of Black’s dark faerie tales may be right up your alley. Though a bit on the darker side, Tithe is one of Black’s most beloved YA novels and is a great place to start. Welcome to the club.

This is a short list, but I didn’t want to just overwhelm you all with a list of all the books ever that I think could be suitable alternatives to re-reading Harry Potter. I know I am a recovering HP addict, and these books are some that helped me, idk, see the light lol. So, I hope you all check them out and let me know what you think!

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