Review: Jane, Unlimited

If you could change your story, would you?

Jane has lived a mostly ordinary life, raised by her recently deceased aunt Magnolia, whom she counted on to turn life into an adventure. Without Aunt Magnolia, Jane is directionless. Then an old acquaintance, the glamorous and capricious Kiran Thrash, blows back into Jane’s life and invites her to a gala at the Thrashes’ extravagant island mansion called Tu Reviens. Jane remembers her aunt telling her: “If anyone ever invites you to Tu Reviens, promise me that you’ll go.”

What Jane doesn’t know is that at Tu Reviens her story will change; the house will offer her five choices that could ultimately determine the course of her untethered life. But every choice comes with a price. She might fall in love, she might lose her life, she might come face-to-face with herself. At Tu Reviens, anything is possible.

This book was freaking weird. For the first time in years, I have just had so many questions and thoughts about a book that, the second I set it down I had to grab my laptop and write a review. Seriously. This was super freaking weird…and awesome…? Question mark?

So, I had zero expectations about this book. I picked it up from the library on a bit of a whim. As I started reading, I honestly thought about giving up a few times, because it was really slow. However, a couple of reviews I skimmed over said that the first 100 pages were a bit slow because the story was so character driver and that needed to be established. The reviews also said avoid spoilers at all costs. So, with this information in hand, I forged on. (Also, I will be keeping this review totally spoiler free because that was very good advice)

The novel starts as a traditional mystery–a house full of interesting characters all trapped on an island when they discover several pieces of priceless art art stolen. The second chapter of the book lays out the perfect explination from this heist, and everything seems so happy and peaceful you wonder… What on earth could the remaining three hundred pages be about?

Well, let me tell you, Honey. Throughout the story, we have many characters wonder, “Huh…What if I am trapped in the wrong version of this reality? What if I am meant to be another me and that’s why everything in my life seems wrong?” and other various, mildly related such questions. And, though that is not the plot (sorry to disappoint) that does hint on what the remaining six chapters cover.

The best way to describe this without spoilers is, the first two chapters lay out the very simple, everyday facts of the story. The remaining chapters progressively layout layers of what was happening to every individual character, or what could have happened I should say, in a way that reveals some incredibly interesting, complex, and horrifying backstories and plots that make even the most intelligent of readers wonder if they’re having dejavu. Complex storytelling following the likes of Groundhog’s Day. There’s no way to explain the way that this book reads other than surreal, and bizarre, but also incredibly captivating.

In summary: Chapter One: a bit dull, but lays the groundwork. Chapter Two: seemingly ties up the entire plot, classic who-dunnit. Chapter Three: oh, okay, this is cool. Very 007, classic plot twist idea. Chapter Four: this is literally the most terrifying thing I have ever read. Seriously. This chapter was scarier than anything I think I have ever read, almost disorientatingly so, and the rest of the novel did not follow suite. Chapter Five: oh, okay, this makes sense. At least, more so than the last chapter. Some cool sci-fi explanations to everything. Chapter Six: wait…that’s the ending and I am supposed to accept that as an ending?

Basically, its a weird taste of everything, and I think if you enjoy the unexpected, you will enjoy this book. I just, can’t even develop cohesive thoughts on this right now. Bleh.

4 out of 5.


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