2017: A Bookish Year in Review


YO! It has been quite some time since I have done a year in review, and with my reading resurrection, I decided it was time! 2018 will be the year that I really help this blog take off again, and I have some incredible posts and interviews scheduled for you in the meantime.

I’ll be honest, this has been a really rough year. HOWEVER, two really great things came out of it. The past two years my reading slowed down almost to a halt, as I tried to ballet ballet, high school, work, and college. With little to no reading, came few to no posts, and then the blog was hacked. So, I not only lost a reason to read (to write reviews), my lack of reading meant no blog posts, and it was all an ugly circle. Nonetheless, I put together a plan to bring Maddie.TV back to life, and with that reading became a priority. And, guys, I forgot how much I love stories. Telling them and reading them, just. Ah! I love it.

With that, I have also started writing again. In July I drafted a novel, which I am currently working on revising. I plan to do something with it in February (possibly submitting it to Swoon Reads, where you could all then read it!). So, with some really bad stuff 2017 also came to me with a rekindled love of literature, stories, and the publishing industry. Thus, I have some great stories to debrief you on!

Favorite Debut Novel:

Caraval. So, I know everyone has been gushing about Caraval this year, and I am just one of the crowd with my love for it. However. It is a captivating read, and worth the hype. Read it.

Favorite “Old” Novel:

The Incorrigible Children of Ashton place series. I think you all know by now, I LOVE this series so so much, and the final book has been delayed until 2018 AND I AM SO SAD. But, anyways, if there is a series that I think you all should pick up for the coming year, this is it.


Favorite Character:

Kiko from Starfish. This book will be reviewed in the following months. I loved this character for her development and her struggles with anxiety. As someone who has some anxiety issues, I found the writing of this character really incredible. Her mental health struggle was not the focus of the novel, it was just something that was a normal part of her life she was learning to deal with. I really adored that approach to the topic.

Favorite Author:

Jessica Townsend of Nevermoor.This book, and its author, are exceptionally lovely. I got to meet her this November, and she was incredibly sweet. Plus, the book was definitely one of my favorites for this year. The writing is so unique and quirky, and I cannot gush about it enough.

Favorite Book of 2017:

An Enchantment of Ravens. Okay, so the review for this is coming in the beginning of the year, but  let me just tell you–I loved it. The cover, of course, is gorgeous, and the reason I first picked it up. The writing of the book followed suite in the lovely style and characters. Also, I love myself some fae, so it was just great all around.

Honorable Mentions: These are just a few books that I really loved, but just didn’t quite fit into the categories I had chosen. Think of them as my top ten, because they’re all magnificent.

Pirates? Check. Super cool sassy and sarcastic characters? Check. Everything Maddie loves in the world and more? CHECK. This book was fantastic, and the wonderful author was kind enough to supply an interview, too.

Dickens retelling? Yes please!

Literature retelling and a crossover all in one? Few things get better than this.

A quirky, yet touching, graphic novel that was not at all what I was expecting. Definitely worth a read.

Conclusion: 2017 was a pretty great year in the world of YA releases–I seriously could have gone on and on about some of the books that were published. I loved them all (and despised a few, tbh) and I hope that my reviews helped you to discover some new favorites, too!

As always, thank you for your steadfast readership, especially as I am trying to bring the blog back to life after I was locked out for an entire year (thanks a lot, computer virus ://). If any of you have suggestions (on format changes or books to read) please let me know! I am always available to talk via my contact page, or my twitter. Also, if you are an author who is willing to be interviewed or would like to request a review, please check out my contact information as well!

I hope you all had a safe 2017, and I hope the coming year is even better!

5 out of 5 stars.


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