Once Upon a Book Club August Unboxing

So, due to a very kind birthday gift, I was able to get one more Once Upon a Book Club box! Yay! I was very excited by the prospect of this box, as it sounded like it would be about a steampunk circus of sorts… but, to be honest, the box and the book were a bit of a let down. A review of the book will be out in the coming weeks. In the meantime, here is the box!

To start, here is everything. I really like the color scheme and packaging they went with, overall. HOWEVER, upon further investigation, the packaging was weak. I guessed every gift except the first, only by holding them. So, eh. They could’ve done a bit more on that front.

To start, the book, and a bonus poster that was included! I though this was a really nice touch – who doesn’t like book swag!

Then we had the first gift, which may have been my favorite. This sign was totally customized for the story – which was very cool. I don’t think they send fully personalized gifts often, so this was cool.

Next, the coins. Very predictable. Kind of immersive, but overall… Not a hugely great gift.

Now was the next cool gift – an engraved pocket watch! I did like this one, as a pocket watch lover already. It has the owner’s name engraved on the inside, which was very cool.

Lastly, another miss, a mask. This was a miss for me because the mask came very damaged (pieces falling off and floating around box. Plus, it did not fit the description of the mask mentioned on that page at all.

So, this box was kind of a miss for me. I didn’t like the book, and half the gifts were kind of duds for me. However, it was a very cool immersive experience, as usual. Basically, as mentioned previously, get this box if you’re okay with it being purely immersive, and not items that are actually useful.

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