Once Upon a Book Club July Unboxing

Hey guys!

We have ONE MORE Once Upon a Book Club unboxing! Yay! And, let me tell you, I am so glad I ordered this one. It was fantastic. This box was centered around the Australian novel The Hush.

The box was a lovely one, and I adored it. Although I enjoyed Dark Breaks the Dawn better as a novel, this box’s experience was my favorite of the two… Enjoy!

The first gift was a small, trinket item, similar to the June box’s. It was a replica of a sorcerer’s orb as described in the book. Although I don’t have a very practical use for it, I do think it’ll look nice next to my Crowns of Croswald menagerie.

Next we have a chalkboard sign. I though this was a very cute touch, though I do wish it had included chalkboard. The characters were described as making a game plan on a similar board, so this gift was very immersive. However, I don’t own any chalk, it seems, so it will be awhile until I can put it to use.

Next we had another simple gift. This was a replica of a tattoo one of the character’s had, that marked her as being expelled from the Music school. I enjoyed this piece, however simple, and think it would be very nice for someone aspiring a cosplay of said character (Dot).

Now on to one of my FAVORITES (I thought for sure it was my favorite, until I opened the last gift). This one was a candle in the scent of Honey Smoke, which is the scent described in the audition room Chester is playing his fiddle in. Not only is this a gorgeous candle, but it also smells amazing. It fit perfectly on my bookshelf.

Now for the last gift – and boy was this one great! It was a replica of the necklace that the Songshapers wear to differentiate themselves. Not only was it an awesome replica piece, but it also came in a gorgeous box in the shape of, you guessed it, a fiddle.

As you can probably tell, I was a huge fan of this box. It was totally worth the money paid, and I could not recommend it enough. This box was exceptionally immersive, allowing a very smooth transition into the story it was partaking it. The Hush is not a novel I would typically read, and I believe that Once Upon a Book Club helped me be much more open tot he experience.


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