Working at a Writing Center

So, as some of you guys know, I started working at my local community college’s writing center in April of 2016. This was a huge step for me, in many ways, and I would love to give you a taste of what it’s like.

To begin, here’s a little summary of my specific WC’s mission statement:

“The mission of the ******** College Writing Center (BC WC) is to create and facilitate a culture of literacy at ******** College. We believe that literacy education is a life-long process. Life is lumpy. While we might have one plan today, we don’t know what skills we will need in the future. All fields require literacy skills, and reading and writing are components of science, nursing, and workforce programs as well. Effective communication is a skill that employers always need, and the ******** College Writing Center is committed to supporting the reading and writing of our academic and larger community. “

We tutor students directly, teaching them how to tutor THEMSELVES, versus helping them edit specific papers. It’s a really fascinating concept – we work for better writers, NOT better papers. We also work directly with professors and staff to better work with students on the specific classes.

Through my work here, I have gained several things:

  1. I have gained MUCH more confidence in social settings. My job has forced me to be more open to strangers, and it has been a wonderful process of coming out of my shell.
  2. I have become a better writer. Through my work helping others with their writing, I truly have evolved immensely in my writing – and I have much more confidence in my academics in general. In fact, *I* visit the writing center on my bigger papers, as I’ve really learned how helpful a second pair of eyes can be.
  3. I have gained an immense appreciation for writing, and academics. It’s been very eye opening, working with students who do not have this come naturally, and has pushed me to work harder, and further appreciate the natural gifts I have given.
  4. I have gotten to work with some INCREDIBLE people. Most specifically – my boss. Her work to improve literacy is so inspiring, and really has pushed me to investigate the area myself.

If you guys have access to a writing center – VISIT IT. Better yet – apply if you can! As a student, I never visited the WC until after I started working there. I thought it was only for students who were struggling… boy was I wrong! It is a wonderful resource, and I cannot recommend it highly enough!



Texi’s Tunes

As many of you remember, I am a big lover of cats – specifically my furry friend, Texi. About a year ago, I was so inspired by my beloved pet, that I serenaded her with some iconic ‘comedic singing.’ This further inspired a whole musical movement, which has been taking place on instagram under ‘Texi’s Tunes.’

So, if you ever want a bit of comedic, and semi-serious, musical flavor in your life, go check it out!

L8r T8rs,



Let’s *paws* for a moment of silence…

Anyone who has followed my blog is familiar with “this one podcast” I listen tom called “Geek Friday,” then it switched to “IRL Talk.” This podcast was truly one of the most formative influences in my childhood. It really helped me embrace my geekiness, back before ‘geek chic’ was cool. As a plus, the two hosts (Faith and Jason) were phenomenal in communicating with me, even though I was MUCH younger than their target audience, not nearly as educated, etc. They would always email me back, and would frequently include my feedback in the show. These two made me feel like I was a part of something.

That’s why the news from the beginning of the month truly broke my heart. Jason had passed away. In the moment I found out, my first instinct was ‘it must’ve be a joke! Afterall, it’s April Fools day, and this is JASON we’re talking about!’ But, unfortunately it was reality. I was, and am, heartbroken, and overcome with tears. Even now, weeks after, I’m so sad, and no one seems to understand why. Afterall, I’d never met the guy. But, regardless, he was such an incredible influence for me, and such a positive light in the world, and I am truly devastated.

I hope that his family knows how many people were positively influenced by Jason, and how many people will fondly remember him. I can only imagine how heartbreaking it was for is family and friends, and those actually close to him, as it truly was so heartbreaking to me. I just wanted to write a little memorial post, in hopes that those who were close to him would know just what an impact he had on his internet followers.

That’s all I’ve got,