The Diamond Thief


No one performs on the circus trapeze like 16-year-old Rémy Brunel. But Rémy also leads another life, prowling through the backstreets of Victorian London as a jewel thief. When she is forced to steal one of the world’s most valuable diamonds, she uncovers a world of treachery and fiendish plots.

Meanwhile, young detective Thaddeus Rec is determined to find the jewel and clear his name. Will Thaddeus manage to rescue the jewel? Or is it really Rémy that he needs to save?

Okay, when I say I love this book, I mean I LOVE IT. Genuinely the first book Ive read in a long time that kept me captivated the entire time. The writing style amazed me me, and I felt as if I was one with the characters. It has such a unique, whimsical writing style, that made me crave more! The steampunk flare was exceptional, neither overwhelm or lacking. It’s so common for steampunk novels to flop, but this one was great. So much more to it than gears and corsets. Perfect, in my opinion.

5 out of 5 stars, no question!


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