My Thoughts on Divergent: Movie Review


As you guys probably remember, not too long ago MaddieTV was a movie news site. Or, at least, that’s what I was trying to make it. I’ve decided, along with my regular book reviews, author interviews, etc. I’m going to start reviewing Book to Movie adaptations, here for you guys! This is partially because I haven’t had as much time to read newly released books recently, and also because SO many YA novels are being adapted to the big screen. So, for my first movie review, I shall be talking about Divergent.

I went into this movie with the lowest expectations possible. Recently I have been disappointed by many films (cough Voyage of the Dawn Treader cough), and the production of Divergent was showing all the signs of a flop.

As you guys know, back when Divergeng had very first come out, I was a huge fan, as most tween girls are today. Now that I’ve become more educated in writing, novels, etc. I have become aware of many flaws in this once beloved book. In fact, I have yet to pick up Allegiant, because I am no longer interested. Don’t get me wrong, Divergent is a “fun” read, it’s just not something that withstood my interests.

But, leaving that movie theater, I was impressed. Through out the film, there was some weak dialogue, and a couple wanna be one liners with poor delivery. But, every film has some of that, so take it how you will. I was EXCEPTIONALLY impressed. Granted, it’s not something I will be going to see again, or watch on Netflix for that matter. But, it turned out so significantly better than most YA films I’ve seen in the past five years. Overall, it kept the message and themes of the novel. It had minimal changed as far as story line, and the changes that were made, I agreed with.

For the most part, Divergent was a decent YA novel film adaptation. If you’re a fan of the book, or even just a YA reader, I would recommend checking it out.


What do you guys think of me doing movies reviews? Any movies you’d like my opinion on? Lt me know in the comments. Please and thank you.

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