Divergent 30 Day Challenge


So, last year I read a book call Divergent (Its AMAZING.)  and it sequel came out in May.  Well several days ago it was announced Lionsgate is going to make it into a film. (Productions start end of this year.)  And I know I shall be posting news about it, so I decided to give you guys an introduction to the series. So, I will be doing a Divergent 30 Day Challenge, which I got HERE.  There will be spoilers, but any day there is a major spoiler I will mark the beginning with SPOILER ALERT

30 day Divergent challenge.

1. Your faction.

2. Your favorite character.

3. Your most favorite shipping.

4. Your least favorite shipping.

5. Dreamcast for Tris.

6. Dreamcast for Tobias.

7. Your favorite friendship.

8. Your favorite quote.

9. Your least favorite character.

10. A character that died you wish didn’t.

11. A character that you wish died.

12. Favorite moment in Divergent.

13. Favorite moment in Insurgent.

14. A song that reminds you of the series?

15. A pairing you don’t get.

16. A book/serious you would recommend to a fellow fan.

17. A character you hate that everyone loves.

18. A character you love that everyone hates.

19. A character you are most like.

20. Favorite faction.

21. Least favorite faction.

22. Your favorite thing about the entire series.

23. Your favorite fight/battle scene.

24. A scene that made you laugh.

25. A scene that made you cry.

26. A character you would die for.

27. A scene that ripped your heart out.

28. Something you wish went differently.

29. Favorite simulation.

30. Something in the series that you can relate to.




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