Hunger Games

So, the Hunger Games came out on March 23…:) I went to the midnight release (I mean seriously, there is no other proper time to see it.) and I decided I needed to do a SPOILER FREE review…:)


It was AWESOME… The costumes, acting and overall filming were amazing. And I;m not just saying that.  They seriously exceeded my excpectations. The scenes in the arena were a little rush and the cave scene was only like 2 minutes long, but overall it was outstanding.  I wold seriously reccomend it to any fans of the book.


But, I would recommend  readingthe book before seeing the film.  No matter how tempting it is to just watch the movie, you need to read the book first. All of my relatives that saw the movie and didn’t read the book found the movie a little hard to follow…

My favorite line in the whole movie was: “THATS MAHOGANY!”


And guess what, that line wasnt in the book… Crazy…:)


May you never hang from the hanging tree,


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