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I have several stories that I am working on but there is this one that I have two beginnings I just can’t decide between. So, I decided to post it on here and let you guys decided which you like better.:

Beginning 1#

There once was a child named Rosy. She just happened to adore books, so one day she decided to go out to a library and pick some up. But before she arrived she ran into her neighbor Mr. Droslmier.

Mr. Droslmier happened to hate children and always scowled when he saw Rosy but this time he seemed to be grinning… He said simply,

“Rosy, come with me.”

Rosy happened to be in extreme surprise for Mr. Droslmier had never talked to her before. The thought never crossed her mind that he might not be acting with good intentions on his mind. He toke her downtown and walked up to the little old bookstore on the corner of the block and her in then walked away.

The few times Rosy had been in that store she had run into Mr. Gismo. Mr. Gismo was always wearing a different costume from a book. Today he happened to be wearing a cowboy outfit.

Since Rosy was there she decided to look at some of the books there. She walked up to Mr. Gismo and said,

“Do you have any books on adventure?”

He replied” Why, of course I do little Lady…”

He walked into the back room and returned with a book bigger then the old Bibles in churches. He handed it to her and said

” This is a tool not a toy. Use it wisely.”

He then walked into his office and locked the door.

Rosy thought it was a little creepy being in that old store alone so she walked outside. She went over to the park and climbed up into the biggest tree there. Once comfortable she opened the book.

And suddenly she was in a huge grassy valley. She heard aloud pounding behind her like a hammer on wood. she looked behind her and saw a TROLL!!! Before she realized what she was doing she was running away from it. She wasn’t even sure what she was seeing. All she knew was that she wanted to be as far away from it as she possibly could.

From what she saw of the troll behind her before she started running it was about 10 feet tall had green skin (with what looked like mold growing on it) and was wearing a very old toga. Even for its size the troll seemed very fast.

But the most surprising thing that occurred to Rosy was that she seemed to be going much faster then she usually would go. You might say ” When in extreme fear anyone would run faster then usual.”  It just wasn’t like that. She was going at around 65 mph.

Before she really realized how fast she was running she heard a huge thump(she also felt it for the ground shook like it was an earthquake.) and a cry. She looked behind her and saw the troll had tripped over a tree.

She kept running but left out a sigh of relief for the troll seemed not to have the ability to stand up. It was then that she realized how fast she was going. She was already half a mile away from the troll. Then the fact that she was just being chased by fictional troll really seemed to rub in. She clasped.

Beginning 2#

Cortony Nixes,brushed her long black hair out of her blue eyes. “Oh, what a bother hair is…”She said. She really hated having long. the only reason she had it that way was because her mother wouldn’t let her cut it. Her mom was the girly type who wouldn’t let her do stuff like climb tree or read the Hardy Boys because it was to boyish.

That’s why Cortony did all her reading ans tree climbing in secret. After school she would go to the library and check out all the “Boyish” books she wanted to read and would go to the park where she would climb her reading tree and (what else) read. But of course today had to be a Saturday but even for Saturdays she had a plan. All she had to do was tell her mom that she was going to study, which wasn’t really a lie since she would use this “boyish” knowledge in her late life.

She walked downtown and to her astonishment the Library was closed. In fact all the entire downtown seemed to be closed. Cortony had no idea that even at that moment someone was planning her every move.

On her way back home she noticed that the little bookstore on the corner was opened, so she went inside. When she walked in she nearly ran right into Mr. Nickles the store owner with his grizzly beard that almost touched the elbows of his cowboy outfit.

“Hello,Mr. Nickles Cortony said not at all wondering why he was wearing a cowboy outfit for he had a different costume on everyday, “Do you have any adventure books today?” she continued.

“Well,” Mr. Nickles said “I think I have just the thing.”

He walked into his office and returned with an ancient book in his hand that looked like it was an old bible from a church.

Cortony meant to say thank you but all that came out of her mouth was”How much is it?”

“For you Missy, its free as long as you promise to be careful” He responded

This time Cortony got the thank you out of her mouth, but at the same time she had to grimace.” What did he mean by be careful?”

Once she reached her reading tree Cortony opened the book…And suddenly everything went black and Cortony felt her body plunging towards the ground…

And suddenly Cortony was in what looked like a forest. She heard humping behind her ad of course she whipped around to see what the noise was coming from. What she saw was not at all what she expected . What Cortony saw was a troll. And the troll was charging right at her.

I like them both a lot but I just can’t decide….  Number 1 is longer, but I like number 2 characters* better….  HELP!!!!

Please post in comments which you preferred….


*The story and character ideas are all of my creation PLEASE don’t copy.  And if they seem similar to your ideas I am sorry and meant no harm.Mads

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  1. After some careful years of thought and deliberation, we have decided that number 1’s charming stranger danger and general confusing nature definitely resonates with us as readers.
    There’s our vote!

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