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Two weeks ago(give or take a few days.) I went to Barnes and Noble and bought there eReader the Nook.  The Nook I bought only has wi-fi. It does NOT  have 3G.  If you are interested in an eReader you really should buy a Nook…(And now because they are on sale for $149…)

First, let me explain what an eReader is. A eReader basically is a really thin library.   The Nook can hold over 1500 books(it can take a memory card which allows you to hold many more books.)  There many more brands such as the Amazon Kindle and the Sony Reader.

I really am suprised at how well the Nook works with Wi-Fi.  I takes about 30 seconds for a page to load and you can’t watch videos or play games that use flash but you can use websites such as Facebook, and E-mail.

I took my Nook outside to test it out in the sun and there was no glare on the reading screen.(There is a small touch screen and a large reading screen.)  Of course the touch screen had a glare but that did not matter because when you are reading a book all you have to do is hit the buttons on the sides to turn the page.

On the Nook touch scree there is a store where you can buy eBooks, an MP3 player, Chess and Suduko, and a Daily Mail icon…   You can also personalize your nook with you own pictures as screen saver or wallpapers…

If you are thinking “I wouldn’t buy these I don’t want to buy every book”  The Nook also has a solution for that .  Certain books in the store are provided free for Google.  Others you can download to your nook from places like  Project Gutenburg.

So over all I would strongly recommend the Nook if you want and eReader…

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  1. WOW. I jumped when I saw the new theme! It’s AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think that a nook looks cool, but you could save a lot of money by just reading a regular book.

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