Percy Jackson Review

My best friend and I went to the new movie, Percy Jackson…

I have to say it was a lot better then I thought it would be.  It was violent and the characters used Medusa’s head as a weapon which was a little disgusting.  Also, there was mild language but other then that it was pretty good.   If you are expecting it to be like the book at all then you are pretty mistaken. They kept the main plot points but changed the culprit completely and got rid of some major characters.

As long as you are old enough that you don’t scream and run out of the room during Star Wars this movie is OK…

Talk to you again soon,


1 thought on “Percy Jackson Review

  1. First of all Maddie, I think I can guess who would run out of the room. Is it the guy that today is named after? 🙂 AND I would also like to point out on this movie that visuals were good, but this is the most edgy PG borderline movie I have ever seen or heard about. Much more than Star Wars. Still, it’s not that bad…

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